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Clustermarket Team: Morsal

September 6, 2021
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Name: Morsal Amini

Nationality: Dutch & Afghan

Role: Account Executive

Fun fact: Speaks 5 languages

What colleagues say about her: She’s the sweetest thing in the world

Growing up in the Netherlands surrounded by a large family, Morsal was always very outgoing and a ‘people person’ who enjoyed spending time surrounded by others. She was always looking forward to diving deep into life sciences and had dreams of becoming a licensed doctor when she grew up - taking influence from her family members who had scientific backgrounds. To pursue this goal, she studied Biology and Medical Laboratory Research, graduating with a BASc from the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. 

During her studies, Morsal tried different areas of work to determine which path was the best choice for her. Having gained experience in microbiology while working in a lab at Koppert biological systems as well as pharmacology while working at Galapagos, she also tried out the sales field while working in an Opticians office. As Morsal is a very outgoing person and loves helping customers, she fell in love with sales. However, she still wanted to take advantage of her scientific experience, so she was determined to find a career that would allow her to combine the two. 

After moving to London, with the idea to get her Masters degree, Morsal came across a position at Clustermarket which seemed to have fit her needs perfectly - combining the science world with sales and talking to scientists across the globe on a daily basis. She is now an Account Executive at Clustermarket and helps labs around the world improve their processes and manage their research facilities.

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