Lab booking system

Clustermarket Team: Tobias

April 24, 2021
Equipment booking software

Name: Tobias Wingbermuehle

Nationality: German

Role: Co-founder / Head of Sales & Marketing 

Fun fact: Has done a world trip

What colleagues say about him: Has a great sense of humor & drinks way too much coffee

Having studied and graduated with a BASc in Sports Science from the German Sport University, Tobias was always interested in scientific processes and the impact they have on society. His experience as a Research assistant in the Institute of Cardiology influenced him to start dreaming of launching his own business and having a positive impact on other people's lives.

In 2015, during his MSc studies at the Hult International Business School, Tobias met Niklas Friedberg and Johannes Solzbach and started discussing the idea of creating a marketplace where laboratory equipment could be rented “just” like one would rent apartments on Airbnb. This was how Clustermarket was born - with the initial idea being polished over time. Having had experience in sales and marketing, Tobias decided to start utilizing the best sales and marketing channels to win new users thus becoming the Head of Sales and Marketing at Clustermarket. 

Being a Co-founder of Clustermarket allowed Tobias to combine two things he really cared about - fulfilling his dream to run a company contributing to the greater good and enjoying working in the field he was passionate about.

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