Equipment Management

Can I schedule maintenance and announce breakdowns?

Yes. On the left side, under Announcements, click on New Announcement and select Equipment Related Announcement, choosing the recipients via a Bookings period or by Equipment. Afterwards, simply type a subject and message and hit Send message. The announcement will be sent via email, appear in the Lab Dashboard’s calendar and under the Announcements icon at the top. 

You can also make Maintenance bookings directly on the equipment itself. Create a regular booking by selecting the day and time on the calendar, and click Advanced options. Under Type, there is either Use, which is for regular bookings, or Maintenance. Click Maintenance, and there will be several maintenance types for you to choose from, for example Preventative maintenance or Breakdown. Complete the rest of the information, and click Confirm. The booking will now be noted as a maintenance booking in the calendar, which will be visible to everyone who has access to that item.