Return to the lab with Clustermarket

Manage your lab in a safe, controlled and simple way in these new times with our lab equipment booking system.

Manage the users in your lab remotely
Assign different schedules to groups of people
Control the amount of people in the lab
Create a safe work environment

Facility management software
Resource scheduler

Limiting the number of people in a lab

Split your lab users into groups and assign them different time schedules.

This way people within each group will only be able to book equipment in their respective shifts and will not get in contact with other groups.

Example: Group A can book the equipment/lab from 6am-12pm, Group B from 12:30pm-6:30pm, Group C from 7pm-11pm.

Restrict lab access to a specific amount of people.

Divide the lab in 1 person slots and only allow a limited number of people to be in it at the same time.

Example: Only 2 people allowed in the lab —> Create 2 lab slots - if 2 people book the lab slots from 2pm-6pm, no one else can book it anymore at the same time.