london metallomics facility

Royce@Imperial:  Thin Film Device Materials Platform

London, United Kingdom

We are anintegrated facility which enables the creation of proof of principle Thin FilmDevices, from preparation of bespoke raw materials to deposition andpatterning, materials characterisation and finally device testing.  We can take a device from conception totesting entirely within our facility & support the UK Advanced Materialssector through offering fully sponsored access for UK based industrial andacademic partners, for 20% of our annual usage – please ask us how.

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About the Thin Film Device Material Platform

The Thin Film Device Materials Platform is located in the UREN hub at Imperial’s White City Campus.  We are imbedded in the Department of Materials, Imperial College London, whilst maintaining strong links other Royce Partners, including Leeds and Cambridge and Manchester.  We provide service and/or access to equipment for deposition of a range of thin film compositions, multilayer structures and fabrication of devices.  The key attraction of our deposition facilities is that we maintain total vertical integration of our processes, meaning we can start from developing a new material, produce the targets, deposit the films by a range of techniques including PLD, sputtering, e-beam evaporation, CVD, etc and then perform full electrical and structural characterisation for devices over the timescale of a month or two.  We are equipped with state of art equipment housed in bespoke laboratories and 140 m2 clean room area and focus on the deposition and patterning of metal, oxide and nitride thin films to produce devices for microwave electronics, opto-electronics, energy storage and conversion, and healthcare applications.

london metallomics facility

What does the Royce@Imperial offers?

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E-Beam Evaporator

Room-Temperature Probe Station

Korvus Technology HEX deposition System

MultiCore High-Performance X-rayDiffractometer

SUSS MicroTec MJB3 Mask Aligner

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Thin Film Deposition


Micro-and Nano-structuring

Materials Characterisation

Electronic Testing

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