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How to select and implement a lab management system university-wide

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Lab equipment booking system

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Clustermarket has worked with more than 10,000 laboratories and hundreds of universities worldwide. This guide puts together the key information for implementing a lab management solution university-wide.

Numerous meaningful scientific research takes place on a daily basis in the laboratories of research universities.

Highly-trained scientists collaborate with their colleagues across various scientific fields, operate the scientific R&D equipment to test their research hypotheses, run carefully-collected samples, perform experiments and produce vital scientific discoveries. Yet, the management of modern scientific laboratories across a whole research university presents many challenges that lead to operational and cost inefficiency, research project delays, inadequate accounting, laboratory conflicts and ineffective time management of the facility administrators.

For this reason, many research institutions opt for a university-wide digital laboratory management solution. In this guide, we will discuss the main challenges that arise when running multiple core facilities and laboratories, what a lab management system is and how it can solve these issues. We will also dive into the processes required to select and implement the best system for your research institution.

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Challenges: Office of research
Challenges: Core facility
Challenges: Research group
What is a lab management system
Implementation: Assessing the status quo
Implementation: Selecting the best solution
Implementation: Testing & deployment

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