I want to rent some of my instruments and/or offer services to other labs. How does it work?

For instruments: your instruments are not visible to other labs by default, so the first thing you need to do is define a usage schedule for external users. This can be done by going to the equipment’s ‘Time & Availability’ section. Then external users searching our marketplace for one of your instruments can send you an equipment request. You can then talk to them to decide if you want to accept or decline it. When accepting it, the customer will see the full price and pay for the booking. After the booking is completed, you will receive the full quote you charged.

For services: services are different from instruments as they are by default available for external users and you don’t have to define pricing information. If a scientist finds one of your services on Clustermarket, they will send you a message explaining what they are looking for. If you can help them, you can create a quote based on their request. If they accept it, they will pay for it and you receive the full quoted amount as soon as the service is marked as completed.