Manage your equipment maintenance events and contracts

Build a single source of truth for your equipment. Schedule maintenance events, check maintenance history, store contracts digitally against each piece of equipment, get reminders, and more.

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Lab equipment scheduling softwareLab equipment scheduling software

Schedule, coordinate and communicate maintenance events

Schedule maintenance directly in the booking calendar and inform your team on what the servicing includes (e.g. cleaning, preventative maintenance).

Lab equipment scheduling software

Audit trail from all past maintenance activities stored in Clustermarket

Every maintenance event will be stored in your audit trail which you can access from each piece of equipment’s maintenance page.

Lab equipment scheduling software

Keep an overview of all your maintenance contracts

Store your maintenance contracts digitally on Clustermarket and keep everything in one place. Get an overview of all your contracts (active and expired), which instruments are covered and what services are included.

Save files and assign your contact person from the service provider to each contract for easier outreach when you need help.

Lab equipment scheduling software

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