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How to choose the right digital tools to improve your laboratory operations

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The  digital  space  is  fast  evolving  and  in  ever y  aspect  of  our  lives,  we  are  feeling the benefit of intelligent and adaptive digital technology. These powerful tools drive efficiencies in all industries by automating tasks, reducing manual errors and generating huge savings in time and money. In the research and development (R&D) space, where scientists are creatively exploring new frontiers in techniques, treatments and understanding, digital tools offer a unique ability to transform operations.

"Digital tools offer a unique ability to transform operations"

However, many laboratories still rely on outdated methods of data collection, analysis and reporting, including paper-based notebooks, disconnected spreadsheets and siloed databases. Although these methods might feel like the easier option in the short term, they expose departments to the risk of data errors, missing information and frustrations as team members struggle to collaborate.

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