Make better decisions based on your labs operations data

Analyze the utilization of your equipment, get user-related information, and make smarter decisions based on accurate insights in your lab(s).

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Lab equipment booking systemLab equipment booking system

Collect and analyze valuable insights about your equipment

Information and insights that you can collect with Clustermarket:

Utilization per device (use vs maintenance vs free)
Utilization per room
Usage per user/team/group
Affected people/projects when a device is down
Forecast capacity/demand
Charge other teams for usage
Lab equipment booking system

Get more accurate usage information with LabTrack™ (desktop app)

Make sure only researchers who have received access to the equipment can use it. Collect exact usage times while the scientist is logged in and uses the equipment.

Install our desktop app on computers that are connected to a piece of equipment in the lab.
Equipment can be used if you have booked it beforehand or if you have the adequate access rights (e.g. received training).
As soon as the user logs in to the computer, usage time starts counting. It ends when the user ends the session.
Lab equipment booking system

Feed your reports with data from smart asset monitoring sensors

We have partnered up with Eppendorf to provide you with real time information coming directly from the equipment or through smart sensors placed in/on the equipment.

Lab equipment booking system

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