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Equipment booking softwareEquipment booking softwareEquipment booking software
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Leading research institutions and companies provide exceptional R&D services on the marketplace. Discuss your project directly with the lab, compare quotes and benefit from a secure payment process.

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Equipment booking software

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Search thousands of instruments and request access to the one you need on demand. Book time on instruments such as fume hoods, confocal microscopes and mass spectrometers at leading research institutions. Receive training and technical support if needed.

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Equipment booking software

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Sign-up and search for equipment and services that are available in your area as well as globally. Although currently in beta development phase, the marketplace is expanding every day.

Equipment booking software

How to become a provider

Are you a core facility, research group or an SME with a specific expertise, technical service or with spare capacity on instruments? Join the scientific marketplace and become a qualified provider now.

Welcome and collaborate with other researchers by offering scientific equipment access or technical service. Include items such as training and health & safety inductions for equipment bookings. You can also provide technical guidance and/or offer technical services if your equipment is too complex or sensitive (so you are the one handling it).

Increase your lab’s reputation by collaborating with external researchers
Maximize your investment in equipment by generating additional income
Access to a large community giving the opportunity to increase current customer baset inside of a div block.
Attract more funding based on a higher efficiency usage of funding
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