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Clustermarket was founded in 2015 by three university students, Niklas Friedberg, Tobias Wingbermuehle and Johannes Solzbach.

The three noticed that the cost of equipment and services were a huge barrier for the commercialization of research. Research teams are also being slowed down by legacy lab management processes.

Together they set out and built the now world-leading platform for life science researchers. The goal of this platform was to bring managing research into the digital age, democratize access to expensive equipment and services and to enable life sciences innovators to get ideas to market - faster than ever before.

The customer-centric approach, constant support and feedback reviews have helped Clustermarket grow their business and create a lab equipment booking software that is used in many academic research facilities and industrial laboratories that want to manage their lab infrastructure in the most efficient way.

Clustermarket founders: Niklas Friedberg, Tobias Wingbermuehle & Johannes Solzbach

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“Seeing yourself and the team grow and improve constantly is beyond exciting.”

Gabriele Verbickaite ∙ Marketing Manager
Lab equipment booking software

“The best thing is to see how much we improve scientists’ lives in the lab.”

Morsal Amini ∙ Account Executive

Clustermarket and the Merck Innovation Center

Lab equipment booking system

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