Track real time usage and manage equipment access with LabTrack™

Clustermarket's LabTrack™ app allows tracking real-time usage of PC-based instruments as well as controlling access based on booking rules and training.

How it works
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Data-driven decisions, increased security and higher income

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Analyze equipment utilization in a more accurate way and make better-informed decisions on purchasing and equipment management.
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Prevent unauthorized use of instruments which results in saving time and money in repairs, calibrations and maintenance.
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Gain access to accurate usage records to recharge users the correct amount.
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What does a LabTrack™ user say?

Facility management software

Without proper training or knowledge on how to operate specific instruments, can lead to breakdowns and cost-intensive repairs. Preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing and using specific equipment is now possible with LabTrack™ and has been a game changer in our lab. Easy to set up, easy to use and a big impact on our lab ops

- Lab manager, Microscopy Core Facility

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Start using LabTrack™

LabTrack™ is available now, and it is a paid feature for our Premium and Enterprise customers.To start using LabTrack™ please contact us and we will help you with the correct installation and set-up.

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