User Management

What are the differences between the Guest, Student, Researcher, Technician and Instructor roles?

Guest: only allowed to see their own lab activities, bookings and projects. Due to data privacy reasons, Guests can not see the lab members’ personal information.

Researcher: only allowed to see their own lab activities, bookings and projects, as well as their fellow lab members. They can’t add/edit equipment, view reports or make announcements. They can also search for instruments and services that are available within and external to their organization.

Technician: has the highest access rights before the Lab Admin. They can add/edit equipment and services, approve equipment bookings, create announcements, create and send quotes for service requests, search for external equipment/services and view reports regarding equipment usage. They can not add users nor create groups.

Instructor: has full access rights to one or multiple instruments the Lab Admin assigned to them. Can invite users but only give them permission to the instruments they are responsible for and can also only create announcements for those. An instructor is considered a secondary admin who only manages certain instruments.