london metallomics facility

London Metallomics

London, United Kingdom

A centralised hub for comprehensive multi-institutional integration of state-of-the-art metallomic analytics and correlative bioimaging.

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About the London Metallomics Facility

The London Metallomics Facility (LMF) is a King’s College London core research facility, providing
state-of-the-art analytical tools to understand the critical roles of metals in biological processes.
Their vision is to be a centralised hub for comprehensive multi-institutional integration of
metallomic analytics, establishing direct interactions between leading research groups, commercial
partners, and industry, whilst driving educational outreach and public engagement strategies.

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london metallomics facility

What does the LMF offer?

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Vitesse ICP-TOF-MS

The Vitesse (Nu instruments) is a time of flight inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer. This instrument specialises in high-speed acquisitions whilst simultaneously detecting almost the entire periodic table. Therefore, this MS is particularly suited to metallomic imaging and single-cell analyses. Couple with: laser ablation system (imaging, single-cell), autosampler (bulk solution).

Teledyne Iridia Laser Ablation System

The Iridia (Teledyne) is a 193 nm system which can ablate a range of different substrates, from soft- tissues and cells to mineralised materials such as teeth or fossils. The lasers spot size can be tuned from 1 to 50 microns allowing sub-cellular resolution and the flexibility to image large tissue sections in realistic timeframes. The laser can be fired at 1kHz allowing high-speed removal of material for fast elemental imaging when coupled with an ICP-(TOF)-MS. Couple with: Vitesse ICP-TOF-MS, iCAPTQ ICP-MS

PerkinElmer NexION 5000 ICP-MS

The NexION 5000 (Perkin Elmer) is a multi-quadrupole inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer. We use this instrument primarily for bulk quantification of solutions, the quadrupole and reaction chamber technology allow greater flexibility in detection and generate unparalleled sensitives (down to parts-per-quadrillion for certain isotopes). Couple with: autosampler (bulk solution).


Autosamplers are devices which introduce solutions into instruments. We have three autosamplers, (Teledyne Cetac ASX-560, PerkinElmer S20 and the Teledyne Cetac ASX-520) which can be coupled with any ICP-(TOF)-MS. These allow automated introduction of up to 240 samples in a batch allowing high throughput bulk analysis. Couple with: PerkinElmer NexION 5000 ICP-MS, iCAP TQ ICP-MS, Vitesse ICP-TOF-MS.

Thermofisher iCAP TQ ICP-MS

The iCAP TQ (ThermoFisher) is a triple quadrupole inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer which like the NexION500 allows control over removing isobaric and polyatomic interferences. We routinely use the iCAPTQ for imaging applications when coupled with a laser ablation system for application where sensitivity and/or interferences are required.


The TXRF (Bruker) spectrometer is the first and only transportable TXRF spectrometer with elemental detection limits in the lower pg, ppb and ppm range. The TXRF specialises in the analysis of very small sample amounts, liquid sample with high matrix content and frequently changing sample types.

Milestone Microwave Digestor

UltraWAVE (Milestone) single reaction chamber technology (SRC) offers significantly greater digestion capabilities for the most difficult sample types. The SRC technology allows for high performance digestion combining microwave heating with a high-pressure reactor, while vessels eliminate the need to assemble, disassemble or clean between processing.

Clean Room

The clean room within the facility was specially designed to be a metal free preparation room for a
variety of experiments. It includes metal free-cabinets and other kit such as, 
- Sample Prep - Hotblock and oven available for sample digestion
- Balances - Sartorius Entris (2200g, 10mg), Quintix125D-1s (220g, 0.1mg), Secura26-1s (21g,
-Ultra-Pure Water - ICP-MS grade Milli-Q water
- Metal-free Cabinets - Class 2 biosafety cabinet and laminar flow fume hood.

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Image Analysis

Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) requires not only the acquisition of raw data but also the computing tools to generate and (more importantly) analyse the image within the context of a specific research question. At the LMF we are pleased to have access to a new powerful software from Teledyne CETAC for laser ablation image analysis called HDIP, aimed to provide publishable quality figures with the additional benefit of basic and advanced algorithms that process data in 2D and 3D with inspections tools that allow for in-depth data analysis.

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Sample Preparation

Sample preparation (whether bulk elemental analysis or bio-imaging) is incredibly important to ensure that the results obtained are an accurate reflection of your original sample composition. Depending on your sample, you may be required to microwave digest samples or section tissues with a microtome or cryotome for bio-imaging purposes. The LMF can consult and assist you with the best fit sample preparation strategy for your scientific question.

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Method Development

Analytically challenging samples sometimes need a bit of help with method development. The LMF has the expertise required to discuss potential pitfalls and help with method development to optimise methods best suited for your specific samples and research questions.

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Project Consultation

We’ve all been in that position where we wish we had known a series of factors before we started our experiment that would have led to better results! At the LMF we are happy to provide project consultation to discuss experimental setups, sample collection and preparation strategies, and analytical considerations before you even step into the lab. Thinking about writing a grant for an interesting project? We are open to collaborations and can help with grant costing associated with analyses.

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If you are interested in the services and equipment of the LMF, feel free to reach out to them directly.

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