Smooth data flow between Benchling and Clustermarket

Synchronize equipment information, book equipment directly from Benchling on Clustermarket, and import equipment information into your experiment notes on the Benchling Notebook.

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Equipment booking software

Book equipment directly from Benchling  on Clustermarket

Supercharge your Benchling Notebook with the powerful equipment scheduler from Clustermarket. This integration automatically adds and updates equipment information from Clustermarket on the Benchling system and allows you to create bookings directly in your Clustermarket equipment calendars via the calendar links in Benchling.

Equipment booking software

Record and reference equipment information directly in your Benchling Notebook

Enrich your experiment notes by connecting Clustermarket with Benchling. Your equipment usage information (e.g. manufacturer, model, equipment settings) can now be recorded automatically in your Benchling Notebook, Registry and Workflows.

Equipment booking software

About Benchling

Benchling is your central source of truth for biotech R&D. It’s a trusted and open platform for your data, collaboration, and insights. More than 200,000 scientists globally rely on Benchling to modernize their scientific processes and accelerate collaboration, so they can bring the next generation of medicines, food, and materials to market faster.

Equipment booking software
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