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May 27, 2024


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Lab profile

● Number of users - Over 100
● Number of instruments - In excess of 100
● Type of lab – R&D labs in a biotech company focused on
the development of blood tests for early cancer detection.
● Location - South San Francisco, US
● Previous system - Google spreadsheets


Freenome is a high-growth biotech company on a mission since
2014 to create tools that empower everyone to prevent, detect,
and treat their disease.

To achieve this mission, Freenome is developing next-generation
blood tests to detect cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages
using our multiomics platform and machine learning techniques.

Our first blood test will detect early-stage colorectal cancer and
advanced adenomas.


Challenges Faced:

Inefficient scheduling process: Coordinating equipment bookings
through manual methods led to time-consuming processes and
frequent scheduling conflicts.

Limited visibility: Lab managers lacked real-time visibility into
equipment availability, leading to overbooking or underutilization
of resources.

Communication barriers: Researchers struggled to communicate
equipment needs and availability effectively, resulting in
miscommunication and delays in experiments.

Tracking usage and maintenance: Tracking equipment usage and
maintenance schedules manually was prone to errors and


Freenome partnered with Clustermarket in 2021 to implement
their equipment scheduling software to address these challenges
effectively. The software provided a centralized platform for
equipment booking, facilitating seamless communication and
collaboration among researchers and lab managers. Key features
of the solution included:

Online Booking System: Clustermarket's platform offered a
user-friendly interface for researchers to browse available
equipment, check availability in real-time, and book slots
according to their experimental needs.

Calendar Integration: Integrated calendar functionalities allowed
lab managers to visualize equipment bookings alongside other lab
activities, enabling better planning and resource allocation.

Automated Notifications: Researchers received automated
notifications about booking confirmations, reminders for upcoming
reservations, and alerts for equipment maintenance schedules,
ensuring smooth operation of experiments.

Usage Tracking: The software tracked equipment usage,
providing valuable insights into usage patterns, helping to identify
underutilized resources, and optimizing equipment allocation.

Maintenance Scheduling: Lab managers could schedule routine
maintenance tasks directly through the platform, ensuring
equipment longevity and minimizing downtime.

Clustermarket has improved the process of booking laboratory
equipment throughout our R&D teams, created visibility across
teams, improved insight into real time equipment status and
allowed us to gather data for equipment usage with ease.”
-Nicole Williams, R&D Lab Manager


By implementing Clustermarket's equipment scheduling software,
Freenome transformed its R&D lab operations, overcoming
challenges associated with manual booking processes and
enhancing overall efficiency. The centralized platform streamlined
equipment booking, improved resource utilization, and facilitated
better communication and collaboration among researchers,
ultimately driving innovation and advancing scientific discovery
within the institution.

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