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March 8, 2022

A mobile-optimized booking experience

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Clustermarket launches a mobile-optimized booking experience

Based on the feedback we have received from you, today we take the first step into making our platform mobile-friendly. We know many of you like to use your phone to book instruments and check calendars. That is why we now offer an easier and mobile-optimized booking experience!

We are introducing a brand new mobile-friendly Equipment Details page. This page opens by default in the ‘Calendar’ tab and allows you to create bookings from your phone in a matter of seconds.

For Desktop users

Upon clicking on a piece of equipment in the ‘Lab Dashboard’ (or the ‘Equipment’ table) you will find a brand new page and the restyled Equipment Calendar. Here, you can select as many slots as needed, click “Confirm” and you’re done. 

Additionally, you now also find a “User access” tab (for checking who can book the equipment) and a “Training” tab (to manage the trained users of that particular equipment).

For Mobile users

Just like for desktop users, the new Equipment Details page can be accessed by tapping the  Equipment’s name. This page is purposefully optimized for mobile devices and allows booking by simply dragging and dropping. When you are done, scroll down and hit “Confirm”.

To book multiple pieces of equipment, as announced 2 weeks ago, there is now a checkbox to the left of the equipment names in both the Lab Dashboard and the Equipment table. You can select up to 5 pieces and hit “Book” in the floating bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. 

After this, a day view of each of the selected instruments’ calendars will be opened, asking you to select your desired slots. The calendar modal opens up in the current day but you can change the days and months using the selector in the top left corner.

Why we did it

A lot of you have told us you really want to use Clustermarket on your phones. While we understand the convenience of the phone, we still have to cater for the people who mostly use the platform on Desktop. That is why we are moving towards what is called a progressive web app. With this, we are making Clustermarket both desktop and mobile-friendly. 

Stay tuned for our next mobile optimizations on the My Dashboard and Lab Dashboard pages.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us on our live chat or by email to

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