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February 16, 2022

Multiple equipment bookings

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Clustermarket launches multiple equipment bookings

A long-awaited feature is finally here:

You can now book up to 5 instruments in the same booking journey, selecting as many time slots as you need!

Watch tutorial video here.

How it works

In order to allow single and multiple equipment bookings, we have made changes to some pages, the actual calendar, and the booking system. Let’s take a look at how things work now:

  1. Booking a single instrument

This is relatively unchanged. The instrument’s calendar can be opened from the Lab Dashboard or the Equipment table. After doing this, a calendar where you can select as many slots as needed will appear. Click “Confirm” and you’re done. A new booking modal will pop up if you click on a timeslot directly from the Lab Dashboard. 

  1. Booking more than 1 instrument

This is the new and exciting part! Checkboxes will now be shown to the left of the equipment names in both the Lab Dashboard and the Equipment table (not available in My Dashboard). You can select up to five pieces and click “Book” in the floating bar at the bottom. 

Next, a day view of each of the selected instruments’ calendars will open, where you will be asked to select your desired slots. The calendar modal will open on the current day but you can change the days and months using the arrows and selector in the top left corner.

Why we did it

Previously, instruments had to be booked individually, opening and closing each individual calendar. This was frustrating and time-consuming, and we ultimately wanted to improve this experience.

Thanks to the amazing feedback we have received from you, we are able to provide this improved lab equipment booking system. Working with this feedback, we are improving Clustermarket faster than ever, helping you do faster and better research within an organized lab. 

Today, thanks to a redesigned calendar and booking engine, you can book multiple instruments at the same time. Shortly, this will be mobile-friendly with a new and fresh equipment details page. Keep an eye out for the next blog post where we will announce a new and easy way to create bookings using your phone. 

If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

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