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August 13, 2021

SSO and multi-booking feature

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What’s new in Clustermarket? 

We are excited to announce we have recently released some of the most anticipated features for the Clustermarket lab booking system. Along with single sign-on, giving organizations the ability to log in with their credentials, we have launched the multiple booking feature which allows you to book multiple time slots on one piece of equipment, in one go.

Single Sign-On

Gone are the times you could not log into Clustermarket with your organization's credentials. Check out this guide, pop our support team an email and let's get your organization logging in via our SAML2-based SSO.


Multiple Booking Feature

Fill your calendar with as many bookings as you need. Now from a single page, you can select multiple time slots to book for a single piece of equipment. Once you are happy with your selection, book them all in one click.

Features coming soon:


Clustermarket API 

Tired of switching systems to do your tasks? Connect your ELNs, workflows, project management tools and access your bookings everywhere.


Onboarding Experience

Reduce the time it takes your colleagues to learn how to use the platform. You get them to sign up, our onboarding journey will make them fall in love.

As always, reporting errors that you experience while using the Clustermarket lab booking system or sharing  feedback is greatly appreciated, as this allows us to improve the system. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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