Seamless integration between eLabNext and Clustermarket

Synchronize equipment information, book equipment directly from eLabNext on Clustermarket, and import booking information into your experiment notes on eLabJournal.

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Book equipment directly from eLabNext  on Clustermarket

Supercharge your journal and inventory setup with the powerful equipment scheduler from Clustermarket. This integration will automatically update your equipment information on both systems and allow you to create bookings directly from eLabNext on our calendar.

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Record equipment usage information automatically in eLabJournal

Enrich your experiment notes by connecting Clustermarket with eLabNext. Your equipment usage information (e.g. manufacturer, model, equipment settings, booking duration) can now be recorded automatically in your eLabJournal experiment notes.

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About eLabNext

eLabNext is an all-in-one Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). They share our mission and offer digital lab solutions to improve the quality of your life science research, optimize your workflow, and increase productivity.

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