Seamless asset monitoring integration with Essentim sensors

Get real-time equipment specific metrics, receive alert and warning notifications to prevent sample loss, and get more detailed equipment parameters to map to your experiments.

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All your sensor data in one place

Access all of your sensor data in one place - map ambient room sensors to specific rooms, sensors to equipment, name your sensors, book the equipment and see specific metrics against the individual sensors. Monitor sensors as experiments are running to help improve quality and reproducibility.

Equipment booking software

Get started with your sensors

If you already have Essentim sensors in your lab, just click on the button below to set up the integration and import your sensor data to the Clustermarket platform. Once you have imported the data, you can edit the sensor names, and map the sensors to equipment and rooms as you wish.

Equipment booking software

Get Essentim sensors for your lab

If you don’t yet have sensors in your lab, and are interested in using our asset monitoring integration, get in touch with our lab specialists who will talk you through the sensors available and how we can help you get them set up and running in your lab.

Equipment booking software

Get in touch with our lab specialists!

In need of more hands-on support, or have more questions, book a discovery call to speak with one of our lab specialists.