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Our Premium subscription is the perfect choice for labs that want to benefit from the variety of features Clustermarket has to offer - from maintenance management to services and projects features - we've got you covered!

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Lab equipment scheduling softwareLab equipment scheduling software

Manage your lab in the most convenient way with a Clustermarket Premium subscription

Lab equipment booking software

Equipment and resource planning

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Equipment booking calendar
Equipment inventory
Desktop app LabTrack for access management and utilization data (paid add-on)
Document management (e.g. manuals, warranties, etc.)
Equipment & incident announcements
Lab services & ordering
Projects & funding feature
Lab equipment booking software

Maintenance & analytics

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Maintenance activity scheduling
Maintenance audit trail
Maintenance contract management
Usage reports
Data export
Customized reportings
Lab equipment booking software

Software and integrations

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Asset monitoring IoT integrations (paid add-on)
Calendar synchronization
REST API access
Outlook calendar integration
Lab equipment booking software

User management & support

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Notification preference center
User role management
Booking rules & access permissions
Training management
Knowledge center, online guides and tutorials
Priority email support (24 h)

Schedule, coordinate and communicate maintenance events

With Clustermarket, you can schedule maintenance directly in the booking calendar and inform your team about what the servicing includes. Clustermarket also allows you to keep track of your maintenance activities and manage your contracts easily all in one place - ensuring smooth and documented processes.

Lab equipment scheduling software

Make better decisions based on your labs operations data

Analyze the utilization of your equipment, get user-related information, and make smarter decisions based on accurate insights in your lab(s).

Information and insights that you can collect with Clustermarket:

Utilization per device (use vs maintenance vs free)
Utilization per room
Usage per user/team/group
Affected people/projects when a device is down
Forecast capacity/demand
Charge other teams for usage

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Lab equipment scheduling software


Clustermarket allows you to create projects in your lab to easily track funding and grant funds as well as make billing and invoicing easy.

With our project feature, the users in your lab will be able to assign project codes to instrument bookings, allowing you to track equipment usage per specific project.

Lab equipment scheduling software

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