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ABI-LAB Shared Lab

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By fostering a collaborative environment and providing best-in-class equipment and services to entrepreneurs, ABI-LAB accelerates the growth and success of startups and their discoveries.


ABI-LAB, an accelerator focused on providing best-in-class equipment, services and lab space to facilitate growth was established in 2016 to support scientific R&D startups.

By fostering collaboration in research, ABI-LAB is accelerating the growth and success of scientific discoveries.

Shared lab challenges

One of the challenges that ABI-LAB faced was finding an easy way to coordinate reservations of tenants in their shared labs. Not having a lab asset management software in place led to schedules clashing as several tenants wanted to use the same instruments at the same time.

Having oversight of available tools and equipment was extremely important thus leading ABI-LAB to search for lab management tools to ease their daily life and reduce their admin work.

The results

To save time and get help coordinating bookings in shared labs, ABI-LAB implemented Clustermarket’s lab asset management software with multiple easy-to-use features.

The system helps ABI-LAB avoid any conflict between tenants as all the reservations for shared equipment are made online and visible to the lab members with access.

In addition ABI-LAB’s lab manager has a clear oversight of which instruments are being used, by whom and when. This oversight enables ABI-LAB to analyze shared equipment usage.

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