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January 29, 2020

Additional role: Instructor

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We are happy to announce the release of Clustermarket v2.4.1 . This release introduces multiple bug fixes, performance improvements and most importantly, our new Instructor role.

instructor role

The new role solves the problem when a person is only responsible for particular pieces of equipment and can be used to support and share the responsibilities of existing lab admins. We are working towards providing the option to have multiple lab admins, but in the meantime the instructor role can be used instead.

Please read below some further information about the new role and changes:

  • You can promote any user to an Instructor in their user profile (Users > Overview > Edit). You will see two additional multi-select boxes where you can select the equipment and services that the user is an instructor of.
  • An Instructor can only act as a second lab admin if they are an instructor for all equipment and services within the lab.
  • Instructors can be assigned to groups or given individual booking rules for all of the pieces of equipment that they are not an instructor of if they should have regular access.
  • Instructors can create groups, mark users as trained and give them individual access for the equipment that they are an Instructor of, but cannot change group or individual booking settings if they are not an Instructor of all the assigned equipment in the group or individual booking rules.
  • Although instructors can invite users (members and guests), they cannot remove guests or promote users beyond Researcher.

Upcoming features:

  • New groups setting: Hide equipment for untrained users
  • Show rooms in the equipment selection boxes and groups for user selection boxes
  • Limit maximum booking time to a time period (e.g. day, week, etc)
  • More filters for CSV reports (e.g. group, flexible time periods, etc)
  • We are introducing a tag system for general announcements
  • We are introducing support for booking batches of multiple instruments
  • Lab admins, Technicians and Instructors will be able to assign projects to guests
  • We are fixing a bug where the funding code expiry date can not exceed 2 years

You can check out the latest platform version by logging in here. As always, reporting about any errors that you experience while using Clustermarket or any feedback are greatly appreciated, as this allows us to improve the system.

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