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The Cancer Therapeutics Unit at the Institute of Cancer Research

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“Clustermarket provides the CRUK Cancer Therapeutics Unit with the flexible, scalable online equipment and space management it needs, especially during the COVID lockdowns”

About the Cancer Therapeutics Unit at the Institute for Cancer Research

The CRUK Cancer Therapeutics Unit (CTU), located at the Institute of Cancer Research - one of the world’s most influential cancer research organizations - is the largest academic cancer drug discovery and development group worldwide.

Its research teams cover every aspect of new drug discovery and development, from cell and molecular biology through to chemical synthesis of new agents and their evaluation in clinical trials.

Research group challenges

As with many research groups and labs that were hit by the global pandemic, the CTU struggled to limit the number of people within their labs as well as manage the bookings of the instruments within the labs.

While considering the safest way to keep scientists working in the labs, the group started looking for tools they could use without having to spend a lot of time and money.

The results

After careful consideration and comparing different tools, the CTU decided to implement Clustermarket - an easy-to-use lab management software.

Clustermarket - a complete system covering all lab management needs -  helped them have an overview of which users were using the instruments at given times as well as ensure lab access is limited to comply with physical distancing measures.

In addition to that, the Clustermarket lab management software came free with no hidden costs and quick and easy implementation thus saving a lot of money and time. CTU users find it useful to ensure only trained personnel can book certain equipment and to have an overview of who/what usage, allowing maintenance and planning of new purchases. Frequent and responsive updates to users’ requests keep Clustermarket up to date.

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