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About the Segura Lab, Duke University

The Segura Laboratory, located at the Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University, focuses on engineering hydrogel biomaterials to support the formation of a reparative niche within damaged or diseased sites of the body. University's Pratt School of Engineering is a vibrant teaching and research institution dedicated to educating the next generation of engineering leaders and pursuing research in high-impact fields with Segura Lab being no exception.


Having over 60 pieces of equipment being used by the members of the Segura Lab made it difficult to manage their schedules and avoid clashes. With multiple people wanting to use them at the same time, the instruments would later sit idle in less convenient times thus not being utilized at their fullest. This led to the Segura Lab considering adopting a more sophisticated and easier way of managing their resources. 


After having considered several lab scheduling software solutions, Segura Lab, Duke University decided to implement Clustermarket - intuitive lab scheduling software helping labs manage their scientific resources. Clustermarket helped them have a clear oversight of equipment utilization, see which users are using particular instruments at given times and manage multiple user schedules. As a bonus, Clustermarket was free to use with no hidden costs and easy to implement.

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