Asset monitoring with VisioNize® Lab Suite from Eppendorf

Remotely monitor your instruments with a vendor-agnostic solution connected to the Clustermarket equipment booking software. Ensure data compliance, receive alert notifications and prevent sample losses. Get real-time equipment-specific parameters such as temperature, CO2 concentration and speed, among others.

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Access live information from your instruments

No matter where you are, check the temperature of your freezer, the CO2 concentration of your incubator or the speed and remaining run time of your centrifuge. Use the data to improve the quality and reproducibility of your experiments, to get alerts and prevent sample loss, and to monitor ongoing experiments.

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How can I get started?

Eppendorf's VisioNize Lab Suite (VNLS) sensors capture, record, and transfer the smallest changes in your environmental conditions. The integration allows Clustermarket users to retrieve and view sensor monitoring data in Clustermarket without the added step of logging into VNLS.

All you need is a valid VNLS subscription and all necessary parts for connecting your lab equipment via VisioNize sensors. Get in touch with the Clustermarket team to get more information about it.

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About Eppendorf VisioNize Lab Suite

As the Lab 4.0 is on the rise and technology is advancing, Eppendorf invests into new innovative areas to facilitate lab management practices with its digital lab solution portfolio. VisioNize Lab Suite is the solution for effective device management in the areas of IoT device connectivity, remote monitoring, notifications, maintenance planning and supporting compliance.

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