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May 4, 2022

Clustermarket reaches 100,000 users

We are excited to announce that Clustermarket has recently reached 100,000 users - an important milestone in the journey of providing R&D labs around the world with an easy-to-use lab management system. 

In 2019, Clustermarket introduced an equipment scheduling tool which is now helping over  100,000 researchers manage their daily activities in the lab. Having started off as a simple lab scheduling system Clustermarket now also offers many exciting features such as maintenance management, financial integrations, SSO, reporting and even a desktop application for tracking real-time equipment usage.

This achievement brings Clustermarket closer to their vision - a world where people, labs and data connect seamlessly to accelerate scientific breakthroughs that benefit all.

Clustermarket has big ambitions for the year - starting with releasing integrations with leading lab software solutions such as ELNs, inventory systems and others. Clustermarket will also integrate with equipment manufacturer IoT solutions to provide seamless movement between all the tools that support scientists daily.

About Clustermarket

Clustermarket is the world-leading lab management system helping all types of laboratories optimize their operations and accelerate results. Clustermarket equips research teams with an easy-to-use software solution which enables them to coordinate equipment usage, plan maintenance activities, and generate reports and forecasts for resource planning. The intuitive system is designed for fast implementation and high adoption within the organization, whilst also offering integrations to various other software solutions.

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Media Contacts

Gabriele Verbickaite
Marketing Manager, Clustermarket

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