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January 16, 2024

Clustermarket’s equipment scheduling solution integrates seamlessly with Benchling R&D Cloud

London, January 16, 2024 - As biopharma races toward delivering better medicines faster, digital tools are now critical to how work is done in the lab -- saving lab managers’ and researchers’ time, freeing them from manual administrative tasks, and enabling the new volume, speed, and complexity of R&D. With scientists now operating across a growing collection of digital tools, it's also critical that these tools are connected, allowing for seamless, secure transfer of data and ease of integration.

Clustermarket, the leading equipment management and scheduling tool for laboratories,  announced today its integration with Benchling, the R&D Cloud powering the biotechnology industry, to provide scientists with ease of connection between the two companies’ digital solutions. The Clustermarket and Benchling integration brings equipment management and scheduling functionality directly to users’ workstreams. Now, researchers and lab managers can seamlessly access and utilize Clustermarket's booking calendar within the Benchling ecosystem. From within Benchling, users can add equipment data, reference equipment in their notes, and add equipment to their workflows. This will allow labs to  digitize and synchronize these critical laboratory processes, providing the opportunity for  enhanced productivity and accelerated research breakthroughs, which can ultimately bring innovative products to market faster.

Johannes Solzbach, CEO at Clustermarket stated, "Our partnership with Benchling is a significant step forward in our mission to optimize laboratory operations and expedite research results. Together, we will empower the global scientific community to achieve more.”

"The more we can simplify life in the lab, the better. Integrations, such as this one with Clustermarket, are really important to our users, saving them time, adding convenience, and allowing less room for error by having these intuitive functionalities coordinated, all in one place," said Katherine Mullaney, Product Partnerships Manager at Benchling.

Nick Massouh, Associate Scientist at Engitix Therapeutics, commented, “We are excited that we can now easily synchronize all of our equipment information from Clustermarket to Benchling, include equipment information in our write ups and book the instruments that we need in our planning phase directly via Benchling.”

“The integration was extremely easy to set up, it took us less than 30 min. The user experience is seamless and it feels like one solution. It helps us to integrate equipment reservations in our workflows and to include maintenance information within Benchling,” said Vidya Ramathas, Laboratory Manager at Labgenius

This integration is available to users immediately, offering a unified solution that can simplify laboratory operations, enhance collaboration, and accelerate the journey from scientific insight to world-changing results. 

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About Clustermarket:

Clustermarket is the world-leading lab management system helping laboratories optimize their operations and accelerate results. Clustermarket equips research teams with an easy-to-use software solution enabling them to coordinate equipment usage, plan maintenance activities, and generate reports and forecasts for resource planning. The intuitive system is designed for fast implementation and high adoption within the organization, whilst also offering integrations with various other software solutions.

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About Benchling

Benchling creates the software that powers the biotechnology industry. More than 200,000 scientists at over 1,200 companies globally —  from cutting-edge start-ups to 20+ of the 50 largest global biopharma — rely on the Benchling R&D Cloud as their central source of truth for scientific data, analysis, and collaboration. Benchling is on a mission to accelerate scientific progress through advanced software that’s purpose-built for biology. To learn more, visit

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