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June 1, 2020

Enabling a sharing economy to accelerate science.

With efficiency and sustainability in mind, Clustermarket have partnered with Kadans Science Partner and the Science Entrepreneur Club to fulfil the needs of innovative organisations in order to speed up and improve research. The development of scientific clusters has already gone part of the way, applying the sharing economy to scientific research. Clustermarket and Kadans are giving further support by providing the platform that facilitates the efficient sharing of valuable resources.

The ecosystem

Backed by up-to-date knowledge and international experience, Kadans Science Partner has to mission to create and support innovation ecosystems. In doing so Kadans facilitates and stimulates idea generation and innovation. Kadans does this by offering tailor-made real estate solutions, existing of industrial and office buildings in combination with laboratories, cleanrooms, tech halls and pilot plants for R&D departments. By offering these types of real estate we concentrate on accommodating organisations, both companies and non-profit knowledge and research institutes, active within knowledge-intensive sectors, such as Agri-Food, Life Sciences & Health and High-Tech. On top of this real estate solutions, Kadans is offering so called ecosystem services and giving its tenants access into innovation ecosystems, for example by offering access to lab instrument via its partner Clustermarket. By doing this Kadans optimizes the success of its tenants by creating and facilitating innovation ecosystems. Kadans has a large, international network of 275 tenants and many more partners on 13 campuses in Europe.

A digital sharing platform

Clustermarket mission is to create a safe ecosystem that gives scientists, engineers and innovators a tool to access and manage scientific resources in the most efficient way to accelerate innovation.

The platform enables  easy and affordable access to equipment and services. It also creates transparency within public and private research organisations and a link between the excellent academic science base and the industry. The goal is to foster innovation across all science and engineering disciplines by operating an online sharing platform (Clustermarket) across institutions and companies and being the best-in-class  lab equipment booking software (Bookkit) for internal equipment usage.

About Clustermarket

Clustermarket is building the world’s leading operating system for life-sciences laboratories.  The team’s goal is to bring the management of research into the digital age, democratise access to expensive equipment and services and ultimately to enable life sciences innovators to get ideas to market faster than ever before. The company’s award-winning lab management software (previously known as Bookkit) and revolutionary marketplace helps labs to manage, connect and share resources. Since its launch in 2018 the platform has gained over 60,000 users and is growing at a rate of over 20% month on month. The company’s vision is to create a world where people, labs and data connect seamlessly to accelerate scientific breakthroughs that benefit all.

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About Kadans Science Partner

Kadans Science Partner focuses on the development and operation of industrial and office buildings, in combination with laboratories, cleanrooms, research facilities, climate-controlled spaces and pilot plants for R&D departments of knowledge institutions, education institutes and knowledge-intensive businesses in innovative (top) sectors, such as Food, Life Sciences, Health, Living Environment, Biotechnology, Biobased and High-Tech Semicon.

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