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September 29, 2022

Analytica: Eppendorf partners up with Clustermarket and eLabNext

In daily operations, lab managers usually have to monitor and manage multiple systems. If information on devices, about people and running processes is disjointed and spread across numerous data silos, managers need a lot of time to find specific data. An IoT platform can consolidate this information into one system using a standardized application, and thus significantly reduce the time required to look up specific data. With Commercial IoT platforms, companies can therefore network, monitor, analyze and use data in new ways.

Promising approaches and solutions are already in use in many laboratories, all of which are leading to the vision of the "laboratory of the future. To contribute to the vision, Eppendorf partners up with eLabNext and Clustermarket to deliver data from laboratory instruments in the appropriate context and to drive the holistic approach of its own digital platform VisioNize® Lab Suite (VNLS).

Read full announcement here.

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