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February 25, 2022

Clustermarket kicks-off EU funded project in Germany

Clustermarket kicks off an EU and EFRE funded project in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW), Germany. Together with the area’s leading science parks (BioSecurity Boenen, BMZ Dortmund, BMZ Bochum, ZBZ Witten) and biotech networks such as BioIndustry, Clustermarket equips local universities, SMEs and large enterprises with a digital tool to manage labs, instruments and share R&D capabilities. 

Clustermarket is a lab management software used to coordinate equipment usage, maintenance activities and make it easier to share expertise, instrumentation and R&D services with other labs in the same organization or with other organizations. By providing the platform to all stakeholders in NRW, Clustermarket helps ensure the scientific resources in NRW are being used in a smarter and more efficient way, as well as ensuring easier accessibility to the unused assets. More than 200 labs in NRW have already registered on Clustermarket and there are more to come in 2022.

With Clustermarket’s lab scheduling software, organizations are able to coordinate activities in the lab such as equipment reservations, user access, maintenance and reportings. At the same time, the labs get access to the Clustermarket Marketplace. This gives them the opportunity to offer equipment access or provide services to other labs within their organization as well as external researchers.

Startups and SMEs now have the opportunity to see which R&D capabilities are available close by and can access and request resources that they need to develop their technologies. 

“It is great to kick-off such a project (EU funded) and to have a positive impact on science in my home country by using R&D capabilities in a smarter and more efficient way.” - Johannes Solzbach, CEO

About BioSecurity

The leading technology center for biological security provides the perfect environment for startups and SMEs in the agriculture-, food and biotech field to develop their technologies. Biosecurity offers fully equipped BSL ½ labs, clean rooms, office space and more. Special support for startups is available. 

About BMZ Bochum

The BioMedizinZentrum Bochum (BMZ) is part of the “Gesundheitscampus Bochum” and offers lab and office space for startups and SMEs in the life-science field. The technology center is well integrated in the ecosystem of the Ruhr University Bochum.

About BMZ Dortmund

The BioMedizinZentrum Dortmund provides an attractive infrastructure and qualified consulting for young companies and start-ups operating within the field of biomedicine, proteomics and specialists IT in order to help them to implement their ideas and technical innovations.

About ZBZ Witten

The Witten Center of Dental and Life Science Research (ZBZ) is a strongly networked specialist location for businesses and projects from the field of bioscience or medical research and development. Interdisciplinary exchange and synergies between different areas of expertise (medicine, nursing sciences, dentistry, materials sciences, microbiology, orthodontics, industrial design amongst others) are supported at the ZBZ.

About BioIndustry

The BioIndustry e.V. is a network and integrated service cluster of companies, research institutions, training and further education institutions, technology centers, biotechnological service companies, municipal economic development with a focus on the Ruhr area and in Westphalia.

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