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June 13, 2022

The digital transformation: How can labs embrace digitalization?

We are entering a digital transformation, where paperless processes are now becoming the norm. The digital era that we now live in is rapidly changing the way we operate in laboratory settings, by improving workflows, reducing waste, and delivering cost savings and faster turnaround times. Digitalization has continued to transform businesses sector by sector and is designed to make our lives easier. Nevertheless, despite such technological advances, many labs have not adapted to our fast-changing world and remain unaware of the tools needed to progress into the digital realm.

In this exclusive SelectScience interview, we speak with a team of data science experts, Erwin Seinen, co-founder of eLabNext, Aneesh Karve, chief technology officer and co-founder of Quilt Data, Mike Tarselli, chief scientific officer at TetraScience, and Tobias Wingbermühle, co-founder and chief commercial officer at Clustermarket, to find out how lab users and start-up companies can effectively transition from paper to paperless, and how a dedicated electronic lab notebook has been designed to bring together all your lab needs into one simple solution. Our panel also outlines how this platform uses artificial intelligence, automated workflows, and robotics to effectively aggregate data for analysis, and shares their thoughts on how going through a digital transformation will allow you to save time on what really matters most in the lab.

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