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March 24, 2021

Lab Manager: Tools to Boost Productivity

Tools to Boost Productivity - In or Out of the Lab

There are three primary responsibilities of a lab manager—managing operations, budgets, and people. Each can be assisted by the use of digital tools, which have been gaining in popularity in recent years, demonstrating a boost in efficiency and productivity for labs. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought forward a heightened need for digital transformation of lab operations, specifically remote work support.

However, as with any decision-making process, there are factors to consider when reviewing what type of digital tool may best benefit your lab. Lab Manager asked a variety of lab professionals and industry experts to share their experiences with digital tools and the benefits of implementing these technologies. Below is a roundup of responses that can act as a guide for those looking for solutions for their lab.

Equipment booking

Managing schedules of multiple lab facilities manually can be a real hassle - enter Clustermarket (formerly know as Bookkit) and Skedda. Clustermarket is a lab-specific tool that allows you to manage and book your equipment remotely. Alternatively, “Skedda is a highly customizable platform, which allows limiting booking durations and usage amounts for individuals and groups, enforcing buffer times between bookings, and setting appropriate advance-notice restrictions, to name a few,” says Jonathan Fagg, director and co-founder of Skedda. Both platforms have free basic plans and paid subscription options for increased support and features.

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