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July 22, 2022

Lab Manager: Lab Scheduling Solutions

Popularized by businessman and television personality Marcus Lemonis, the “three Ps of business”—people, process, and product—are the factors that, if one succeeds at individually, will translate to overall business success. This principle applies to laboratories as well. By continually improving in these three dimensions, one is on the path to meeting their ultimate research goals while cutting costs and boosting efficiency.

An easy way to improve across all three dimensions is robust scheduling. There are a wide variety of platforms available to schedule and streamline lab processes under all three Ps. Here are the benefits of implementing such solutions and some questions to consider while searching for the right one.

Product: Ensure smooth research with equipment booking software

Not having a dedicated platform for booking equipment that’s shared amongst multiple researchers or teams can cause logistical issues and frustration for those involved. For instance, taking the time to prep an experiment and then approach the analyzer only to find it in the middle of processing samples for another researcher potentially means that all that prep time has been wasted and the organization has lost money. Equipment booking software is an easy way to curb these issues.

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