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November 30, 2022 20 Best Laboratory Software in 2023

Laboratories are crucial facilities not only for carrying out experiments and helping diagnose diseases but also for the progress of scientific knowledge in general. However, the complex nature of laboratory work makes these facilities prone to several problems. Common issues with laboratory operations include poor equipment management, inefficient workflows, and staff shortages.

To deal with these problems and ensure smooth, efficient operations, laboratories across the country rely on tools such as laboratory software and laboratory information management software. To this end, one study found that 47% of laboratories used one or two of these tools across the enterprise (Astrix, 2020).

This article lists 20 of the best laboratory software today, providing an overview and a list of key features of each product. Hopefully, this guide can help laboratory administrators and staff figure out which laboratory management platform can best meet their needs.

Clustermarket: Simple All-in-One Lab Software for Improved Research Productivity

Clustermarket helps scientists focus on making breakthroughs rather than routine lab management tasks. The software handles user management and equipment booking by letting users set their own rules and protocols for these workflows. The software also serves as a centralized communication platform to ensure all users receive important announcements and notes. Moreover, the platform provides utilization reporting and analysis to help lab managers track equipment utilization and income.

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