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February 16, 2018

SynBioBeta: Clustermarket partners with RebelBio

Clustermarket, the online sharing platform helping scientists, engineers and other technology pioneers to get easy and affordable access to equipment and services just announced a strategic partnership with RebelBio, the world’s first early-stage life sciences accelerator with programs in London and Cork.

“We cannot be prouder to work with Clustermarket, the leader in sourcing scientific services & providers throughout the UK & Europe for our Rebels. The attention to detail and support is unparalleled and this platform enables startups to accelerate their scientific development at a fraction of the time & cost it has taken in the past,” added Steven O Connell, the Associate Director & Program Manager for RebelBio.

The partnership will support RebelBio’s startups with their specialized requirements and will provide them streamlined access to state of the art instruments and services at London’s leading universities such as Imperial College, King’s College, University College London and Queen Mary University. The platform saves administrative and legal work by having pre-negotiated contracts in place, which include IP protection and confidentiality agreements.

“Clustermarket is an online sharing platform for scientists to list, discover and book technology, lab equipment and expertise within their institution or cluster and therefore increases efficiency which is vital for research institutions but also for early stage companies in the science space. We are excited to be working with RebelBio’s innovative startups and help them focusing on their R&D rather than spending too much time and money on sourcing and establishing relationships with universities”, said Johannes Solzbach, Co-Founder & CEO.

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