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July 28, 2022

Clustermarket partners up with Eppendorf to provide IoT solution

Clustermarket announces a new partnership with Eppendorf to integrate the VisioNize® Lab Suite with the Clustermarket platform. The integration combines software and hardware components from Eppendorf with Clustermarket’s operating system and gives scientists access to a holistic IoT device and lab management solution.

Every R&D laboratory is unique – due to a complex combination of people, equipment, workflows, techniques and research purposes.These unique characteristic requires smart technology solutions to help researchers improve efficiency, accuracy, speed and collaboration. Any digital system must be customized to optimize operations, lower costs and increase efficiencies, without detracting from the sound science and procedures driving the research.

This is where connectivity, digital tools and the IoT come in with an open and integrative approach. Clustermarket partners up with Eppendorf to provide a holistic IoT device and lab management solution, where researchers have access to a wide variety of features such as remote monitoring and equipment scheduling. A seamless journey between both digital tools will enhance efficiency, good lab management practices and help avoid using multiple siloed software tools.

Our partnership with Clustermarket strengthens our mission to create innovative high-quality products and solutions for the future of physical and digital laboratories. We believe that technology should enable workflow in the laboratory and not vice versa, and our partnership demonstrates this perspective well. Availability of critical instrument parameters and events from the physical laboratory digitally through VisioNize Lab Suite and within the context of scheduling supports scientists to make quicker decisions, saves time and thus drives lab efficiency" – Lynn Philip, Head of portfolio digital solutions, Eppendorf
We believe that digital tools will have a great impact on innovation by increasing the quality and reproducibility of experiments and improving the access to required equipment. It is important that the digital tools are set up in the right way and provide smart integrations, so users and data can flow barrier-free between different systems. The partnership with Eppendorf is a key milestone as it connects two powerful tools and combines equipment management and real time parameters in a smart way." - Tobias Wingbermühle, Chief Commercial Officer, Clustermarket

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About Eppendorf

Eppendorf is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables, services and digital solutions for liquid handling, sample handling and cell handling in laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers and DNA amplification equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, fermenters, bioreactors, CO2 incubators, shakers and cell manipulation systems. Consumables such as pipette tips, test tubes, micro plates, and single-use bioreactor vessels complement the range of highest-quality premium products.

As the Lab 4.0 is on the rise and technology is advancing, Eppendorf invests into new innovative areas to facilitate lab management practices with its digital lab solution portfolio. VisioNize Lab

More about the VisioNize Lab Suite:


About Clustermarket

Clustermarket is the world-leading lab management system helping laboratories optimize their operations and accelerate results. Clustermarket equips research teams with an easy-to-use software solution enabling them to coordinate equipment usage, plan maintenance activities, and generate reports and forecasts for resource planning. The intuitive system is designed for fast implementation and high adoption within the organization, whilst also offering integrations with various other software solutions.

More about Clustermarket:

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