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IoT (Real time parameters)

Thermo Fisher Momentum™

Achieve new levels of automation performance with the Thermo Scientific™ Momentum™ Workflow Scheduling software. This industry-leading software platform enables users to define, execute, and monitor scientific processes and workflows in a powerful yet easy-to-use visual environment.

IoT (Real time parameters)

Thermo Fisher Connect

The platform delivers a full suite of digital capabilities to let you unleash effective performance in your lab - in essence, helping to make what you already have more productive, and removing limits on what you can achieve. Secure, cloud-based storage connected to your instruments enables access to more of your data, from anywhere. Scientific analysis apps and peer collaboration tools simplify data analysis and sharing.

ELN & data management


STARLIMS provides powerful data management software solutions to ensure quality and safety through your entire product lifecycle.


Unit 4 (Agresso)

Designed to embrace automation and encourage collaboration, the Unit4 (Agresso) Finance Management system gives you access to industry-leading business intelligence and analytics, helping to ensure you are able to make the most of the data at your disposal to make quicker and smarter strategic decisions.



Oracle Financials applications are a subset of this suite and are a family of products designed to capture and analyze your financial data on a worldwide basis. Use Oracle Financials applications to better manage business to the targets that are announced to investors.



Flexible financing solutions for IBM and Red Hat® products and services expedite hybrid cloud and AI projects to achieve business goals quickly.



SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations.

IoT (Real time parameters)


Monnit is the leader in IoT remote monitoring solutions and wireless sensors, allowing you to monitor your business and assets from anywhere, anytime.



Integrated inventory and research data, for better research at your institution.



LabForward is creating the operating system of the lab by connecting data, devices, and researchers.



Benchling is a cloud-based platform for biotechnology research and development.



eLabNext elevates life science research with digital lab solutions. They share our mission of improving the quality of life science research, optimizing lab workflows, and increasing productivity to accelerate research discoveries.